Sunday, March 4, 2012

framing project.

got these frames at the aaron brothers one cent sale! buy one, get one for a cent. it didn't matter that they weren't all the same color, because i'd be painting them. I was more concerned about getting the same style in the sizes i needed for all my prints.

i went with a satin finish gray spray paint for the frames.

these drop cloths were such a good purchase....i've used them on so many projects...

to cut the mats, i first took off the backing to the frames the mat would sit in.

i traced the backing onto the backside of the mat.

after tracing it out, i cut it with a box cutter then measured out the size of the opening which would be cut with the mat cutter (which is an angled blade).

my mat cutter is the push style which slides against my metal yardstick nicely....however, when pushing it often slips, hence the painters tape holding it in place.

voila! i got mats for 5 pictures out of 1 mat (purchased at aaron brothers with a 50% off one item coupon)

the gray on gray wasn't the best...but i wanted to use the leftover mat board that i already had from another project. this map is called a road trip map. it has a heart where all of my friends live (outside of the la/oc area)

here's the finished project. a collage of maps and other prints of my favorite places.


  1. I see my PA heart! So excited for you guys to come! Just a few more weeks :)

  2. Seems obvious now, but the painter's tape holding down the yard stick is tre magnifique. Such a good idea. Any suggestions on holding down a yard stick on cloth?

    Also, where did you get the drop cloth and what size do you recommend?

    You're awesome!!!!