Sunday, August 26, 2012 really....forever


yesterday my first friend turned 30.  we first met in pre-school at calvary baptist in gardena when we were both in the eager beaver classroom. we have SO many memories and pictures but they are all at my mom's house :( without them it's hard to do our history justice.  we went through every life stage together...first crush (mine was on roy skibiski....i think cori liked someone named jimmy?!), first boyfriends (we both liked ben....ben liked cori), first everything really.  we went to nature camp, cheer camp, and band camp together.  we graduated from preschool, kinder, 8th grade, and high school together.  she's seen my BAD side probably more than any other friend.  she's been the victim of my jealousy and my selfishness....i can't believe she put up with it.  we've passed countless notes and mailed dozens of letters to each other.  I have one with me at my condo in a notebook i like to save little mementos in.  it's from 1993 and she was planning her 11th birthday party and making sure the date worked for me.

we celebrated her 30th at disneyland!   her fam stayed at the grand california and mine at the paradise pier.  we ate at the new carthay circle restaurant in cali adventure friday night....SO good! bacon wrapped shrimp on a bed of grilled corn.....yum.  with our dinner we got premium seating for world of color too. it was my first time....and it was glorious. saturday we spent the day park hopping.  i can definitely admit that i am getting OLD.  i could not hang the whole day....whew. i was pooped.  i left at 7...pretty sure she stayed the whole day.  i hope our 40th bday celebrations include massages (i'm pretty sure tanya would agree!)

things i love about her:
1.  we can bust into a show tune at any moment
2.  i can be unfiltered with her and know she's not judging me
3.  i can go a year without seeing her and know that our friendship is the same
4.  she's a dreamer
5.  she's my biggest supporter (and that goes both ways)

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