Sunday, September 9, 2012

cali westmont friends go camping.

on labor day weekend a bunch of us westmont alums (years 99-2010) packed up our cars and took off for fallen leaf lake in tahoe.  we drove from all over the state...san diego, artesia, redondo beach, los angeles, santa barbara, modesto, san francisco, and sacramento.  it was so fun to catch up, meet new friends, meet all the kids i've only seen in pics on instagram, and rough it.  it was pretty rough to see this every morning...

for the record this was what my car looked like from redondo to sacramento....

and here it is from sacramento to tahoe...

while everyone was pitching their tents i just had to pop mine up from the roof...this car looks just like mine with the exception of the rims....i really need to take some pics of my car.

here are some of those babies i mentioned.  how gorgeous are these moms with their little ones?

there are a bunch of us missing in this pic....bummed we all weren't there for the pic...but as you can see we had an awesome turnout.

 here's our jumping pic...this only took, let's say....8 tries?

sharon and eden! 



josh and meg's baby boots and anna!

doug and june!

here's louie!


i wish i had taken my camera out more!


  1. Beautiful scenery and precious kiddos (and puppy). How fun this must have been! Miss you, Rinbug.

  2. Great job on the blogging, Rin! Your Westmont crew looks like a lot of fun. And they have such cute kiddos!

  3. Thanks for letting Anna and I take over your car! The photos are SUPER cute.